Light Fixtures

Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Area Lighting
Road & Street Lighting
High-bay & Low-bay Lighting
Flood & Sports Lighting
Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
Decorative & Architectural Lighting
Emergency Exit & Hospital Lighting
Weatherproof & Underwater Lighting

Junction Boxes, Control Stations & Cable Glands
Junction Boxes, Cable Glands, adaptors, Control Stations, Plugs & Receptacles, electrical & mechanical accessories.

Lighting Components, Lamps & Energy Savers
Bi-Pin Fluorescent Lamps 18W, 36W & 58W
Compact Fluorescent Energy Savers
High Pressure Sodium (HPS/SON) Lamps
50W, 70W-600W, 1000W & 2000W
Metal Halide (HQIT/HIT) Lamps 35W-600W, 1000W & 2000W
Mercury Vapor Lamps 50W-400W & 1000W
Magnetic Ballasts for High Intensity Discharge Lamps
Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps
Ignitors for discharge lamps
Capacitors for power factor correction
Lighting Transformers and dimming and lighting control products

Switch Sockets & Electrical Switchgear Products
Circuit Breakers MCB, MCCB, ACB
Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers ELCB
Residual Current Circuit Breakers RCCB
Motor Control Circuit Breakers
Magnetic Contactors & Thermal Overload Relays
Measuring & Control Relays & Indication Products
Soft Starters, Variable Speed Drives VSD &
Distribution Boards DB
Fuses, fuse gears, fuse disconnectors, microswitches, surge protection devices SPDs.